Thursday, February 23, 2012

Product Review: Gold Bond Sheer Ribbons Body Lotion

A product that myself (And my dry skin) have been loving lately is Gold Bond Sheer Ribbons Body Lotion in Silk Softness. This is a wonderful lotion that moisturizes even the driest skin with no problem! This lotion is very innovative as well, the pump is very unique, it has two spots where the lotion comes out. They are thin in shape so the product comes out looking like "ribbons." It claims to have seven moisturizers and natural silk protiens in it for the ultimate skin hydration experience!

Creamy (I love lotions like this)
Unique Idea
Price (About $7.00-$8.00)
Scent (A light, sweet floral)
Availability (Available at drugstores and retail stores such as Walmart)

Not very fast absorbing

As you can see, the Pros strongly outweigh the cons!

Here you can see how the "ribbons" effect is created.

The ribbons line also carries another variation Called Pearl Radiance that gives skin a beautiful yet natural glow. I'd definitely recommend checking out this lotion, you won't be disappointed, and your skin will thank you!


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