Friday, March 30, 2012

This Months Julep Maven Box!

Hey loves! Hope you are all having a great day today. I just got home from work and found my Julep Maven box waiting for me! As you may know from my previous posts, I recieved my first Julep box at a promo price. I decided to try out one more, so for this box, I payed the $19.99. I really enjoyed it, although I do not think I will be a continuing subscriber. I love their products and polishes, but I think that $19.99 is way too much for a box subscription. I would love to try a cheaper alternative to a subscription box though, do you have any suggestions for the US? I think its great to share something like this with you all every month :)

When this month's box arrived, I think I literally said "Awwwww!" They packaged it so adorable for Easter! I loved the colors they used and especially the little chocolate eggs they included (They were surprisingly yummy!!) They also put some cute little toe separators in this months box as an added bonus.

As they always do, they included this card to show what products were in the box!
This months box included:

The Best Pedi Creme Ever!: Exfoliates with alpha hydroxy acids, hydrates with shea butter and coconut oil, nourishes with Vitamin E. Apply nightly for noticable results in just one to two uses.

Annette: Subtle dove grey creme.

Parker: Golden tangerine creme.

Here's Annette. A gorgeous grey creme. This isn't a color I'd go to the store and pick up, but it's nice to have in my collection. It's a very classy color.

Parker is a gorgeous orange color. It is a golden orange which I love. Prior to receiving this box, I had been looking for a color exactly like this so I'm very excited to have recieved Parker! I will definitely be doing a nail post with this color soon.

Last I recieved the Best Pedi Creme Ever. I'm not sure if I'll ever bother using this, but it's nice to have and claims to be very good for your feet.

So there you have it! My March Julep Maven Box! Overall, I guess you could say I was happy with it thanks to Parker. Hope you enjoyed this post, comment and let me know what you think!!


  1. If you want to try another subsciption the Eco Emi boxes usually send some great stuff. I've gotten a ton of pangae products from them that I love. And it's only 15.00 a month:) I havent tried these Julep boxes, but i'm a little curious.

    1. Never heard of that one! I'm going to look into it though! Julep boxes are decent, but I just don't have the $20.00 to spend :P If you do, I recommend trying it out though!

  2. The orange color is very pretty!

    1. Thanks love! I was very excited about this one, i don't own any other colors like it :D

  3. Loving your unique style! I'm new to fashion blogging check out my blog:0)
    Let's follow each other!

  4. you can take a pic of the grey one when it is applied by any chance? or know how long it lasts and how many layers it needs to look good? i think it is a very nice shade :-O

    1. Yes of course! I'd love to, I'll get on that soon :D


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