Friday, May 4, 2012

China Glaze's Jingle Bells and Sinful Colors Let Me Go Nail Combo

I recently just purchased some nail wheels off of ebay to practice with different color combinations. I came up with this one, which I absolutely love. I used China Glaze's Jingle Bells (A light champagne gold with micro shimmer) which was from their holiday 2010 collection as my base and Sinful Colors Let Me Go (An opalescent blue/green/purple) over that. The combination is so gorgeous, but I couldn't capture how truly opalescent the finish is.

I know the tips of my nails look like they chipped, but they weren't :/ The lighting was being awkward. Also I had just painted them, hence why they look so messy. Sorry, I know I should have cleaned them up before photographing.

China Glaze's Jingle Bells was super easy to work with. It went on smoothly and evenly without a streak in sight. I had to use two coats for full opacity, but that is expected with most nail polishes. The color is gorgeous and wearable. I don't think you'd be able to find this in stores anymore, but you could find it online on ebay or amazon if you're interested in trying it out!

Sinful Color's Let Me Go looks stunning in the bottle, but alone on the nails it is super sheer. It doesn't look much like it does in the bottle. I'll probably swatch this soon so you can all see its true color. I do love this as a top coat though as you can tell! It is interesting over a darker color, It gives an almost green opal color. The formula is smooth as well, and it is only $1.99 or less at your local drugstore or Target.

This is a very wearable combination that I'm currently loving. Let me know what you all think of it in the comments! Thanks for reading xoxo


  1. I love this colour! It's like a light toffee, bronze shade! I don't own any nail polish from China Glaze..need to change that!

    1. Thanks! Its even more fun in person. You have to try some, they're amazing quality!

  2. nice metallic color xx

  3. I have been looking for a similar color!! I love your blog. I think we should follow each other -

    Much Love.

  4. i love this! gorgeous color.

  5. I love the color, it's so beautiful:)
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  9. I like the china glaze gold colour . Very pretty.


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