Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nail Of The Day, Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Glitz Gal

Hey everyone! I just got back from swimming and shopping and when I arrived home I had a surprise waiting for me! It's my camera's USB cord that came in the mail so I can finally start blogging and posting my own photos again :) The old one mysteriously disappeared so unfortunatly I had to spend ten extra dollars on a new one. But all is well :)

I decided to show you all a new nail polish that I picked up a week or so ago. It's called Glitz Gal by Sally Hansen's Gem Crush line. Its a gorgeous dense grey glitter with holographic sparkles in it. I've heard it's also a dupe for China Glaze's Some Like it Haute. I've yet to see that one! All of the polishes in this line are gorgeous and full of glitter, just the way I like them. This one especially caught my eye.

Now before you go and purchase it based only off of its gorgeous photos, let me warn you: It is a very difficult polish to work with. The images above are FOUR coats of Glitz Gal. Let me repeat; FOUR coats. Even with three coats this polish still doesn't seem to reach full opacity, but the fourth one seemed to do the trick. Even after the four coats and about an hour or so of drying time, I even needed to add a clear top coat because this polish is extremely gritty. Add five more minutes of drying time. Even after all my hard work painting this on and letting it dry, Glitz Gal almost immeadiately chipped (As you can see in the images on my middle finger) I swear I think I almost cried when it did from all my hard work invested. I'm dreading removal time... :l

So, before you're blinding by the extreme beauty of this nail polish, be sure that you have some time on your hands and a bit of patience as well, because this one is hard work!


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