Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Empties | What I've Used Up This Month!

Hey guys, I'm so excited that October is here now! My birthday is in October, and I also love seeing all of the Holiday decorations come out in stores and the leaves changing colors is just beautiful.
I can't say I did all that well this month when it came to finishing up products, but I'm working super hard to finish up more for next month! Hopefully I'll be able to get rid of some makeup products, my stash is huge and nothing seems to be getting finished!

Bain De Terre Passion Flower Moisturizing and Color Preserving Conditioner:
I really did not enjoy this, the conditioner is such a thin consistency that if you have thick hair, like mine, you need tons to cover it. It also doesn't stay in the hair at all, so you can't leave it in while you shave your legs or wash your body for extra moisturizing benefits. For that matter, it wasn't even moisturizing at all!

Elf Eyelid Primer in Sheer:
I love this product! For only a dollar, it keeps my eyeshadows on all day without creasing or fading. Definitely recommend this one!

Philosophy Happy Birthday Beautiful Shower Gel:
I got this for my birthday last year from Sephora and didn't even get around to using it until just recently! It creates a nice, rich lather, but unfortunatly doesn't have too much of a scent. I've used Philosophy before, and the shower gels always have a great scent, maybe this was just a bad bottle.

Lumene Vitamin C Day Cream:
This is just a cute little travel size, but I really loved this cream! Its not too thick as the name suggests, but a nice medium consistency. It moisturizes nicely and smells lovely, like oranges!

Love To Kiss Body Lotion from Victoria's Secret:
I wasn't too much a fan of this lotion, but I decided to just use it up so I didn't waste it. Its a flowery/fruity scent and I'm more of a sweet scent girl. This was a nice, light daytime lotion.

Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme:
I apologize if you find this gross, but I had to share. This product is amazing! First, it smells heavenly, like coconut and mint. It also moisturizes like you couldn't believe. It left my feet super soft after leaving it on all night. my favorite thing about this cream is that it is 99.4% Natural (The fragrance is the only ingredient thats not natural!) This is such a wonderful product, and for only $9.00, I definitely recommend it!

There you have it! Another month down :)
Hope you all enjoyed my favorites this month,
and as always, leave me a comment! ♥


  1. The Elf product really sounds great!


  2. I love elf primer! It's a shame you didn't like love to kiss by VS. I usually love a lot of their scents.

  3. Great empties post! I love the ELF eyelid primer as well, it definitely an amazing product for the price! :)

  4. great post!

  5. waow.. well prepared.. its coool.. btw, thank you for following me dear.. i just followed you back.. :)


  6. Following back <3


  7. Interesting idea for a post - I do have problems finishing up products! I have a huge stash of stuff with just a teensy bit in them. Really don't know why. You seem to do better at that stuff! =)


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