Friday, October 12, 2012

Stride ID Gum..A Unique Twist on Normal Gum!

Hi everyone! Today I have something different than normal to share with you. You all know that I'm all about beauty, makeup, and fashion which is what I always blog about, but today I wanted to show you something different that I've been loving!

id gum, kinda

I chew gum like a mad man, especially at work! I love trying out new brands and flavors, which is what prompted me to try out Stride ID gum. I'm sure most of you have tried Stride gum, which most people know as the gum with the crazy commercials! They have great flavors (and lots of them!) which has always been what I've loved about Stride. But recently Stride Gum released a whole new line of gum aimed at teenagers (Or anyone who would like to try something new for that matter!)

What Stride ID says about this new product: iD gum not only boasts a delicious twist on much-loved flavors like Peppermint, Spearmint and BerryMelon – it’s also packaged in a sleek, innovative folding pack featuring a new and unexpected magnetic closure.
Stride ID is encouraging teens to explore their own individuality, which is where the "Kinda" mentality comes from (kinda more than gum. kinda amazing.)

The packaging on this gum is AMAZING. After you unwrap it, you get a unique picture on each pack by emerging artists. I have to say the artwork is pretty fantastic, its abstract and just really interesting to see it on the front of a pack of gum! There are 18 designs in total, which makes the packs quite fun to collect! Each piece of gum also has swirled designs on them, almost too cute to eat!

I do have to say my FAVORITE thing about this gum though has to be that it has a magnetic closure. Usually when I carry gum at work, it tends to fall out of the package and then the wrappers open in my pocket, making the gum no good. I am so happy that this concept was created, I no longer have to throw out my gum because it's full of lint or dirt from the insides of my pocket.

This range of gum has three delicious flavors: Berry Melon, Peppermint, and Spearmint. My favorite has to be Berry Melon. I'm big on fruity flavors and this one is a unique mix that doesn't disappoint. Peppermint and Spearmint are your typical minty flavors, but I've found they last much longer than other gum brands, a huge plus.

Overall I've been absolutly loving Stride ID gum and urge you all to try it out! Check out the video below for more information on the gum and a special website created by Stride ID full of unique, extraordinary arcade games for ID gum chewers!


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